I purchased the Anker537 PowerBank, which allows charging of PCs, so here’s my review.

Hello there.

The battery life of mobile devices is crucial in our daily lives.

Running out of battery power while on the go or during travel can be quite stressful. That’s why I’d like to introduce Anker, a reliable brand known for its mobile batteries.

Anker is renowned for its products that offer excellent performance and convenience. In this article, I’ll provide a detailed explanation of the features and benefits of Anker’s mobile batteries.



Introduction to the Anker Brand

Anker’s History and Reliability

Anker is a mobile accessory brand known for its reliability and high-quality products. Established in 2011, Anker has been providing innovative technology and excellent performance. The brand has established its presence in the market by developing reliable products that meet the users’ needs.

Anker’s products have received numerous awards and gained immense trust from users worldwide. Especially, Anker’s mobile batteries, which offer high charging efficiency and outstanding battery life, have been highly regarded.

Anker places great emphasis on quality management and provides products with superior safety and durability. Additionally, the brand offers comprehensive customer support, ensuring prompt and effective assistance in case of any issues.

Users can also refer to user reviews and expert evaluations for insights into Anker’s history and reliability. Anker’s products have become a popular choice due to their high reliability and exceptional performance in addressing mobile device battery-related concerns.


Reasons for the Popularity of Anker’s Mobile Batteries

The popularity of Anker’s mobile batteries stems from their excellent performance and convenience. Firstly, Anker’s mobile batteries have high charging efficiency and large capacity, allowing efficient and rapid charging of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops. This ensures uninterrupted usage without worrying about battery depletion, even during outings or travels.

Furthermore, Anker’s mobile batteries excel in portability. Despite their compact and lightweight design, they are equipped with large capacity batteries. This allows for easy storage in bags or pockets and convenient portability.

Anker’s mobile batteries are also known for their versatility, as they are compatible with various devices. They provide multiple connection options, such as USB ports and wireless charging, allowing users to choose according to their device requirements.

Anker also prioritizes strict quality control, ensuring the provision of safe and durable products. Positive reviews and high ratings from numerous users further contribute to the popularity of Anker’s mobile batteries.

Anker’s mobile batteries are highly favored by many people due to their outstanding performance, convenience, and reliable ability to meet the charging needs of mobile devices.


Features of Anker Mobile Batteries

High Capacity Battery and Fast Charging

Anker’s batteries feature high capacity and offer excellent charging speed. With their high-capacity batteries, they can supply sufficient power for extended usage and fast charging needs. This ensures worry-free usage without battery depletion concerns, even during outings or travels.

Moreover, Anker’s batteries provide impressive charging speeds. Equipped with fast charging technology and features like PowerIQ, they efficiently and rapidly charge devices. This enables quick charging even in time-constrained situations, improving user productivity and convenience.

Anker’s batteries’ high capacity and fast charging speed are essential factors in our busy modern lifestyle. Users can resolve their device’s battery-related concerns and enjoy a seamless mobile experience by using Anker’s batteries.


Lightweight and Excellent Portability

Anker’s batteries are lightweight and possess excellent portability.

Thanks to their compact design and lightweight materials, users can easily store them in bags or pockets, making them highly portable. As a result, users can enjoy the freedom of use without being burdened by weight or bulkiness, even during outings or travels.

Additionally, the lightweight nature of Anker’s batteries helps alleviate fatigue during extended periods of carrying or while on the move, providing a convenient feature for users. Anker’s batteries gather popularity as they offer a comfortable choice with their lightweight and excellent portability.


Compatibility with Multiple Devices and Universal Connectivity

Anker’s batteries are compatible with a wide range of devices, offering universal connectivity.

With USB ports and wireless charging, Anker’s batteries provide various connection options, allowing compatibility with different devices. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth earphones, or gaming controllers, you can charge a wide array of devices with Anker’s batteries.

As a result, you can charge multiple devices with a single battery, enhancing convenience and usability.

Furthermore, Anker’s batteries are designed to be compatible with different brands and models of devices, ensuring broad device compatibility. Users can easily meet the charging needs of various devices by using Anker’s batteries.


PowerCore Series

Among Anker’s batteries, one of the most popular series is the PowerCore series. The PowerCore series offers high-capacity batteries that are ideal for extended usage and fast charging. This allows for comfortable use without worrying about device battery depletion, even during outings or travels.

In addition, the PowerCore series features impressive charging speeds, enabling quick charging of devices through its fast charging capabilities. Some models also come equipped with PowerIQ technology, which provides optimal output based on the device’s charging status, maximizing charging efficiency.

The PowerCore series is compatible with multiple devices, and its compact design enhances portability, making it convenient to carry around.

Anker’s PowerCore series is a reliable choice for long-lasting usage and situations that require rapid charging, thanks to its high-capacity batteries and fast charging capabilities. The PowerCore series has gained popularity as an ideal choice to make users’ mobile lives more convenient and enjoyable.


Anker537 PowerBank

Among them, the one I purchased this time is the Anker537 PowerBank from the Core series.

I often travel for work, and until now, I had to carry both the original battery plug for my PC and plug adapters for different countries. It was quite a burden and something I wanted to solve. However, I had given up because my previous mobile battery couldn’t charge my PC.

After researching various options, I decided to purchase the Anker537 PowerBank, which I believed would solve this problem.


Here is the battery I purchased.


The weight is 500g, and it feels quite heavy when you hold it. However, once you put it in your bag, you won’t really notice the weight.


It has a total of three ports. There are two Type-C ports on the right side and one Type-A port on the left side.


You can check the charging status of the Anker537 through the circular indicator on the top. It has four levels. It takes about 3 hours for a full charge.


When you purchase it, it comes with a double-sided Type-C cable. However, you need to prepare your own power plug or adapters separately.


Charging a PC. It charges reliably.


I tried charging a PC, iPhone, and Apple Watch at the same time, although it looks a bit messy. All of them charged properly.



For my business trips, which usually last no more than 2-3 nights, having this Anker537 can cover all my charging needs. If I bring it fully charged, I still have one out of the four indicator levels remaining. Since purchasing it, my gadget case has become much neater, and it has been very useful to me.



In this article, I introduced the Anker537 PowerBank. It has been a great solution for my charging needs during business trips, and it has helped me declutter my gadget case. I highly recommend it for its reliability and convenience.

It weighs 500g, which is somewhat heavy, but it’s an excellent mobile battery that can also charge your PC, reduces the number of cords you need to carry, and allows you to travel without worrying about different types of power outlets in each country for trips of about 2-3 nights.

In fact, I had a nerve-wracking experience during a business meeting while on a trip. I suddenly needed to connect my own laptop to a web meeting, but I had left the power cord at the hotel. I was worried that my laptop would run out of battery in the middle of the meeting.

With this battery, I wouldn’t have to worry about such situations, so it brings peace of mind.

If you are considering purchasing a mobile battery for your business trips or travels, I highly recommend considering this one.


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