The Japanese restaurant “秘” is located in Jordan, Hong Kong, and it offers a delicious beef cutlet set meal.

Great news for everyone living in Hong Kong, especially those who love Japanese cuisine.

This time, we would like to introduce a recommended Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong where you can enjoy delicious beef cutlet set meals.

When it comes to beef cutlets, they are a perfect combination of juicy meat and crispy breading, making them a popular soul food in Japan. It might be challenging to find a restaurant in Hong Kong that serves authentic beef cutlets, but with the one we are introducing this time, you can’t go wrong!

You can indulge in a fragrant cutlet made from fresh ingredients and prepared with unique cooking methods, along with beautifully arranged side dishes, creating a stunning beef cutlet set meal. Moreover, you can enjoy a pleasant time in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.

If you want to fully savor the taste of Japan in Hong Kong, be sure to read this blog!

Japanese Restaurant “Himitsu”

So here we are. This is the secret Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy beef cutlets.

This signboard stands out quite a bit.

You can even check the menu outside the restaurant.

Let’s step inside right away.

This is what the interior looks like. Although it’s a Japanese restaurant, there are no Japanese staff members.

Here’s what we ordered this time. The beef cutlet set meal for HKD 118. It’s quite luxurious.

The beef cutlet is almost raw on the inside and is served in a style where you grill it yourself on a dedicated iron plate. I tried eating one without grilling, thinking if it could be eaten as it is, but it seemed better to grill it.

Here is the iron plate. It has beef fat on it. Be careful as the oil may splatter!

The rice is topped with furikake, seaweed, and sauce. This rice was really delicious.


They also have a menu item similar to “Unadon” (grilled eel over rice). In Japan, eel is considered quite luxurious, but in Hong Kong, it can be surprisingly affordable compared to other items.

Store Information

– Address: G/F, 11 Wai Ching Street

– Phone: +852-2361-1918

– Business Hours: 12:00-15:00, 17:30-22:00

– Closed on: None

Payment Method: Cash Only


So there you have it, we introduced the “Hi” Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, where you can enjoy delicious beef cutlet.

The meat is not extremely tender, but it has a decent taste. It doesn’t seem like a restaurant run by Japanese, although I couldn’t find any information on that. However, compared to other places, the prices are slightly lower, and the meal is satisfying, so I think it’s worth a visit.

If you decide to visit “Hi,” I hope this blog has been helpful as a reference.

Until next time!


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