I had lunch at Relax B&M Cafe, located on the cycling road in Hong Kong, so I would like to share my review.

Hello there.

During your cycling journey, there is a café that offers pleasant rest along with breathtaking views.

Today, I will introduce this charming café. For cyclists who ride through the beauty of nature, this café is like an oasis. You can enjoy delicious drinks and gourmet menu items while taking in the magnificent scenery.

We also provide information about the cycling route itself, making it a valuable resource for cycling enthusiasts. Let’s explore the allure of this café and the joy of cycling together!

Cycling Route in Tai Po

Tai Po in Hong Kong is home to a captivating cycling route.

You can even rent bicycles, so it’s okay to visit empty-handed.

Located amidst the natural surroundings, the cycling route in Tai Po provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy stunning views and the refreshing touch of nature. It passes through abundant natural landscapes and cultural landmarks, making it perfect for exploration.

You can enjoy safe and comfortable cycling on well-maintained roads and trails. The cycling route in Tai Po offers a variety of route options, catering to riders of various levels from beginners to advanced.

In addition, there are plenty of rest spots and local eateries in the vicinity, providing ample opportunities for refreshment during your cycling journey. With the embrace of nature, you can indulge in a pleasant cycling experience on the Tai Po cycling route.

Relax B&M Cafe

The Relax B&M Cafe is located along the cycling route from Taipo to Tai Mei Tuk.

You can easily spot the trendy signboard.

The three-story building has a Thai massage parlor on the second floor.

The cycling route continues in front of the café.

This is the entrance. It has a lot of greenery, creating a nice ambiance.

I parked my bicycle here.

The front of the café offers a view of the sea and mountains. It’s very refreshing.

This is the terrace seating area. It’s a relaxing spot with a pleasant breeze.

The tables are lower, making it easy for children to use.

The staff members are friendly and engage in conversation with customers.

In addition to the terrace seating, there are also indoor seats available.

The interior of the café is not very spacious, but it has effective air conditioning, making it cool and comfortable. The atmosphere inside is cozy and pleasant.

They also sell cakes and other items.

I noticed that many locals were getting take-out.

Here is the carbonara I ordered. It costs HKD 98.

It’s slightly different from the regular carbonara, but it was incredibly delicious. Personally, it ranks among the top pasta dishes I’ve had in Hong Kong in terms of taste.

Here is the special beef burger. It costs HKD 128.

The hamburger patty was tender and incredibly delicious, but… the portion size was too large. I’m so full.

And this is the potato side dish that I accidentally ordered without realizing it came with the burger. It costs HKD 58.

I ate so much that I’m in no condition to ride a bicycle anymore.



We introduced the stylish cafe, Relax B&M Cafe, located along the cycling route in Hong Kong.

While there are other dining options, I believe this is the most scenic and stylish cafe in the cycling route.

If you visit Hong Kong for cycling, be sure to stop by!

Store Information

– Address: G/F, Mai Village, 165A Lung Ting Kok Rd, Tai Po, Hong Kong

– Phone Number: +852 9088 4875

– Business Hours: 12:00-21:00

– Closed on Wednesdays


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