Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand, directly connected to Haneda Airport Terminal 3, is a convenient hotel. Here is a review of the stay at this hotel.

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I currently live in Hong Kong, but I recently returned to Japan after about a year. Since my parents live in a rural area, I needed to transfer from Haneda Airport to a domestic flight, which can be challenging with a small child.

So, I decided to stay at a hotel directly connected to Haneda Airport on the day I arrived in Japan. After doing some research, I found a hotel that is directly connected to Terminal 3, which is used for international flights. I made a reservation there, and I’ll introduce it to you as they also have a fantastic rooftop hot spring.

If you’re planning to stay near Haneda Airport, I highly recommend considering this hotel.



Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand

The hotel I stayed at is called Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand.

It is a large hotel with 1,559 rooms that opened in December 2022.

I stayed in the “Grand” room this time, but there is also a higher-grade “Premier” room next to it. I would love to stay there someday.

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Located within Haneda Airport’s Haneda Airport Garden, it takes about 5 minutes to reach the hotel from Terminal 3.


Escalator leading to the hotel lobby.

The hotel exudes a great sense of luxury.


This is the lobby. It is quite beautiful since it opened only about six months ago!

There are self-check-in terminals in the back on the left, where you can check in without assistance.



After completing the check-in process, I headed to the room where I would be staying tonight.

This is the hotel corridor. It’s spacious.


The room I stayed in this time was Room 9120.


This is the interior of the room. Since I arrived at night and would depart early in the morning, I didn’t pay much attention to the room, but it was clean.

The room type was Superior King. Even though my child is small, I felt it was a bit small for a family of three.


The sofa was very comfortable.

I watched TV while enjoying some snacks with my child.


There are two bottles of water prepared for you.


The bathroom is a unit bath.

The bathtub has a similar feel to a typical home. I’ll introduce it later, but I didn’t use the bathroom in the room because I went to the hot spring on the top floor.


This is the washbasin area.


The toilet. It has a bidet function.


Rooftop Onsen ‘Sento no Sora’

Personally, the main reason I stayed at this hotel was for the hot spring.

There is a rooftop hot spring called “Sento no Sora” on the top floor, where you can overlook the airport. Let’s go and check it out!

To go from the 9th floor, you need to take the elevator down to the 6th floor, where there is a connecting passage, and then transfer to the elevator going to the 12th floor.


On the way, I found a fitness gym. It was around 10 PM at night, but no one was using it.


Next is the reception.

Even though it was night, there were quite a few people. I wonder if there are many people who, like us, arrived on an international flight and are staying at the hotel. I thought there would be a lot of foreigners, but surprisingly, most of them were Japanese.


You can get towels here. There are also indoor clothes for the rock bath.


This is the view from the rest area, not the hot spring itself. You can see Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower in the distance.


This is what the rest area looks like.

You can relax and enjoy the view or watch TV while lying down.


Although we didn’t use it this time, there is also a restaurant.


And here is the entrance to the hot spring.


I couldn’t take any photos inside the hot spring, so I will include photos from the official website. It was really like this. There were also two saunas, and it was a very nice hot spring. Unfortunately, I could only see the opposite side of the runway, so I couldn’t enjoy watching planes taking off and landing while in the hot spring.



In this article, I introduced Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda, which is directly connected to Haneda Airport.

It has great accessibility, a modern feel, and above all, the hot spring is very good. It is a hotel that I would definitely like to stay at again.

Even for those living in Japan, I think it’s worth visiting just for the hot spring, so please consider it as a reference.

See you next time!

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