Review of ATOUR LIGHT, a business traveler-oriented hotel in Shanghai

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ATOUR LIGHT Hotels, tailored for business travelers, offer an ideal choice for a comfortable stay.

With locations across China, they combine ease of work with comfort, boasting a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. While the guest rooms may not be large, they provide an ideal workspace for concentration and a comfortable bed for unwinding even on tiring days.

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity ensures smooth workflow. Additionally, the friendly staff is available 24/7, offering helpful assistance and information. Why not find the perfect balance between work and relaxation in the comfortable environment of ATOUR LIGHT?



Arrival at ATOUR LIGHT

In this instance, I will be staying at ATOUR LIGHT in Shanghai.

Located approximately 40 minutes by taxi from the heart of Shanghai, it’s situated in a relatively rural area.


The lobby area. While the exterior might give the impression of a retro hotel, the interior exudes a futuristic ambiance and is exceptionally clean.


Adjacent to the lobby is a reading area.


They also offer travel goods for sale.


Guest Room

Now, let’s take a look at the guest room.


Here is the room where I will be staying this time.


The table, though vivid in blue, offers ample space for work.


Pods are also provided.


Two bottles of bottled water are provided.


The bed was a double size.


You can place your belongings here.


There isn’t a collapsible hanger rack, but there are hangers by the entrance where you can hang your clothes.


Next is the bathroom. The bathroom is quite clean and personally, I found it very impressive.


Toilet. Unfortunately, a bidet isn’t included.


The shower is also sleek in black.


Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. There was plenty, so you can use them with peace of mind. In hotels like these, shampoos can often leave your hair feeling rough, but the shampoo here was quite good.


Two bath towels are hung on the wall.


The only struggle I had was with the toothbrush.

When I entered the room and tried to brush my teeth, I couldn’t find the toothbrush, so I called the front desk. Unfortunately, my English didn’t get through, and it was quite a challenge to make them understand that I needed a toothbrush. In the end, I used the voice translation feature on my smartphone to finally succeed in getting a toothbrush.

During business trips in China, it’s quite common to not find toothbrushes in hotels, so if possible, I recommend bringing your own portable toothbrush.

I also have an article about recommended portable toothbrushes, so feel free to check it out.



Next is the breakfast buffet.

You’ll have your breakfast at the restaurant next to the lobby.


Here, you’ll find drinks and more.


Here is the noodle bar and more. I didn’t have the noodles, but the eggs and sausages were quite delicious.


Here you’ll find coffee, cereal, and more.


Here is bread and salad.


Taco corner. I saw it for the first time, haha.


If you have a good appetite, there were plenty of interesting menu items that you would want to try. I woke up right before departure, so I couldn’t eat much, which is a shame.



In this article, I introduced the ATOUR LIGHT hotels found across China.

I thought it might not be the best choice for families, but for business trips, it’s more than satisfying.

Personally, I found the bathroom and breakfast buffet to be the highlights.

Since there’s not much we can do about the toothbrush situation, let’s take this opportunity to start bringing our own portable toothbrush.


If you’re considering staying here, please feel free to use this article as a reference.

Until next time!


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