Hotel Review: Tian He Hotel Near Shenzhen Airport


I recently visited Shenzhen, China on a business trip.

This time, I would like to introduce a review of the hotel located near Shenzhen Airport where I stayed during the trip.

For travelers, comfortable accommodation is crucial in trip preparation. Shenzhen Airport is one of the busy airports in China, so choosing a hotel with a convenient location is important for travelers.

In this article, I will introduce Tian He Hotel, which is conveniently located near Shenzhen Airport and offers an attractive and affordable stay.

If you are considering a stay near Shenzhen Airport, please refer to this article.


Exterior to Front Desk

The hotel I stayed at this time is Tian He Hotel, located right near Shenzhen Airport.

This is the entrance.

The interior is not brand new, but it is clean and well-built.

It wasn’t very crowded, perhaps because it was a weekday.

The lobby was quite spacious.

We take the elevator to the room… There are many surveillance cameras.


Even though I made the reservation on the same day, I was able to get a very spacious room.

For a solo stay, I had a separate bedroom and living room, and there were two toilets.

The sofa was soft and comfortable.

There is also a desk next to the TV. Of course, there is Wi-Fi, so you can work on your PC.

Here is the toilet next to the living room. Unfortunately, there was no bidet.

The room is equipped with two bottles of water, a kettle, and tea.

Refrigerator. It’s empty.

There are welcome milk and coffee milk on the table. The coffee milk was my first time trying it, but it was delicious.

And here is the bedroom. It has a queen-size bed, which is spacious enough.

There was a single rose placed there, haha.

At the back of the bedroom, there is a washroom.

In this toilet, there is a bidet! This is quite pleasing.

The shower room. Unfortunately, there is no bathtub.

Shampoo and body soap.

The amount is a bit unsatisfactory.

The shower room is vertically elongated, and there is a chair at the back? I sat here and took a relaxing shower.

This is the view from the window. There are many airlines and logistics companies near the airport.

The airport can be seen in the far left.


There is a large restaurant on the first floor of the hotel. It has Chinese-style chairs and round tables!

The restaurant itself is a bit expensive, and because it was a weekday, there were hardly any customers. When checking out in the morning, there were quite a few people, so maybe everyone went out to eat.

This is not what I ordered, but it seems like a luxurious dish was being served.

It’s a style where you can peek at the cooking process.

Here are the dishes I ordered.

This is a soup with egg base, tofu, crab, and vegetables. It has a gentle flavor and is very delicious.

This is lamb with bones. It was juicy and without any strong odor.

This is grilled fish. It may look plain, but it was really delicious! It’s one of the best grilled fish I’ve ever had.

If I have the opportunity to stay at this hotel again, I will definitely order it.

Convenience Store Nearby

There is a convenience store in the hotel’s parking lot, and you can enter it directly from the hotel premises.

This convenience store mainly sells snacks and appetizers.

Hotel Overview

– Address: No.1 Xinghua Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen
(3 minutes by car to Shenzhen Airport)

– Number of Rooms: 183


So, in this article, I introduced the Tian He Hotel near Shenzhen Airport.

It was a great hotel with affordable prices and spacious rooms.

If I have the chance to visit a hotel near Shenzhen Airport again, I would definitely consider staying here.

Feel free to use this article as a reference.

See you again!

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