My Experience at Plaza Premium First Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong International Airport serves as the primary hub for Cathay Pacific. Since Cathay Pacific is a member of the Oneworld alliance, Hong Kong International Airport might feel a bit limited for ANA Super Flyers members.

There is no ANA lounge here, so I wondered if I could use a lounge when traveling from Hong Kong. But there are lounges available.

However, despite some time passing since the COVID-19 pandemic, all Star Alliance-affiliated lounges were still closed. That’s the hallmark of a Oneworld airport. Instead, you could use the Plaza Premium First lounge, which is accessible through certain credit cards.

In this post, I’ll introduce the interior of the Plaza Premium First lounge.


Plaza Premium First Lounge

Here is the Plaza Premium First lounge.


Inside, it has a luxurious feel.


Here are the sofa seats. You can sit comfortably.


The table seats were a bit crowded, probably because the buffet is nearby.



In this lounge, you can request a shower at the counter.

It’s refreshing to take a shower before a long flight. On this day, it was quite busy, and I had to wait for about 20 minutes.


Here is the interior of the shower room.


The overall decor is calming and clean.


All the amenities you need are also available.


The shower room is equipped with body soap, shampoo, and conditioner.


The shower looks like this, though the water pressure was a bit weak.



One of the most enjoyable things in a lounge is the buffet, isn’t it?

The buffet in this lounge has a great selection of snacks, which personally satisfied me.

First, the donuts. They were prominently displayed, colorful, and cute. When I asked the waiter for three, he told me to take them all because they were about to run out, and he gave me six. Thanks to that, I was already full.


Here are orange juice and water. You can also get alcohol, cola, and more from the counter.


Is this wine? I don’t usually drink, but they have quite a selection.


These are snacks. My son likes these Doritos and kept eating them. The flavor is mild, so it’s easy for small children to eat.


They also have cereals.


Salad bar too.


Here’s pumpkin soup.


I didn’t try this, but it’s ethnic-style fried food.


Overall, there were many ethnic-style dishes.


There’s also bread available that you can toast in the oven.



In this article, we introduced Plaza Premium First.

I accessed it as a Star Alliance Gold member, but you can also use it with Priority Pass and more.

When you’re heading back to Japan from Hong Kong, be sure to give it a try.

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