Review of Novotel Shanghai Atlantis in Shanghai


If you want to experience the charm of Shanghai, let me introduce a hotel I recently visited.

This hotel, located in the heart of Shanghai, is a perfect blend of sophisticated urban atmosphere and traditional Chinese culture.

The comfort I felt during my stay is one of the reasons that set this hotel apart from others. Furthermore, it offers excellent access to local attractions and tourist spots, making it an ideal and affordable location for travelers.

In this blog, I will provide a detailed introduction to the allure of this hotel and the pleasant accommodation experience it offers. When visiting Shanghai, be sure to consider this hotel for your stay.


Novotel Shanghai Atlantis

So, let’s take a look inside the room right away.

Actually, I wanted to take more photos of the lobby and facilities inside, but I’ve been feeling quite unwell, so there are only a few.


Here is the inside of the room.

It’s spacious enough for a solo business trip. In fact, there are two beds.


And here is the bathroom. Unfortunately, there was no bidet in the toilet.


The shower was a bit weak in water pressure.


The room comes with a bathtub, but it is integrated with the shower, and I didn’t use the bathtub.


This is the washroom. It was quite ordinary, but very functional and easy to use.


Here are the amenities.



The closet. It’s not very spacious, but it’s sufficient for a solo business trip. There were quite a lot of hangers.


There’s also a coffee set available.


The twin beds were very comfortable and soft.


Furthermore, this hotel had a well-appointed desk area that was very convenient to use.

Next to the desk, there is space to put your belongings, making it easy to access your PC and necessary documents.


And there is also a sofa.

I sat here for a while, enjoying the night view of Shanghai.


Here’s how the night view looks. The weather was a bit unfavorable, but you can see the central area of Shanghai in the distance. It’s very beautiful.

Personally, I was impressed by the building in the foreground, where rows of low-rise buildings like condominiums, all in the same shape, were lined up – a magnificent sight. It made me realize once again the sheer size of China’s population.


Breakfast Buffet

Here is the breakfast buffet on the next morning.

You can enjoy your breakfast on the observation floor on the top floor while overlooking the stunning views of Shanghai.


These are the buildings, about 200 of them, and they were in this color. You can see the central area of Shanghai in the background.

The restaurant is open at night too, so the next time I come, I would like to have dinner here.


Novotel Shanghai Atlantis Overview

Address: 728 Pu Dong Avenue 200120 SHANGHAI CHINA

Phone Number: +86 21 5036 6677


In this blog post, I introduced Novotel Shanghai Atlantis located in Shanghai.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fully enjoy the hotel due to my poor health, but I am satisfied with the spacious rooms and beautiful views, considering it is reasonably priced.

I would love to stay here again when I come to Shanghai for business.

Until next time!

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