I stayed at the Hyatt Regency directly connected to Shenzhen Airport: A Review

Hello there!

Let me introduce you to the luxurious and comfortable Hyatt Regency Hotel, conveniently connected to Shenzhen Airport, promising a delightful stay.

If you are looking for an ideal accommodation that combines convenience and comfort during your visit to Shenzhen, this hotel is the perfect choice.

Hyatt Regency is renowned not only for its convenience but also for its premium service, sophisticated facilities, and heartfelt hospitality. After enjoying shopping and sightseeing, you can relax with peace of mind due to its smooth airport accessibility.

To make your stay in Shenzhen even more special, consider choosing Hyatt Regency Hotel.

If you are considering staying at Hyatt Regency, please take this as a reference.


From Airport to Hotel Lobby

Upon arrival at Shenzhen Airport, head directly to the hotel.

The path from the train at Shenzhen Airport to the hotel lobby may seem a bit complicated, but since it’s directly connected, you won’t need an umbrella even if it’s raining.


This is the entrance to the hotel from the airport side. It looks quite beautiful.


It seems that weddings and other events can also be held here.


This is the reception area (I apologize for the blurry image).

The ceiling is high, and it’s quite elegant.


The hotel has 11 floors, and I stayed on the 6th floor this time.

Floors 1 to 3 house various amenities such as restaurants, cafes, a gym, and a pool.

Introducing the Accommodation Rooms

So, let’s check-in and head to the room. There are quite a number of rooms available.




Wow, the room looks really great.


Next to the entrance, there’s a luggage area and a closet.


There’s also a toilet next to the entrance. Unfortunately, there’s no bidet washlet.


On the opposite side of the toilet, there’s a handwashing area.


There’s also a bathtub. Interestingly, you can go directly from the bathtub to the bed. Not sure why it’s designed this way, but it’s quite amusing!


There is a separate shower room.


And here’s the interior of the room. Honestly, it was one of the most comfortable rooms I’ve stayed in during business trips. Despite having windows only on the upper half due to the positioning with the external structure, there’s no feeling of oppression, and the soft wall just below the windows actually adds to the cozy atmosphere.


There are four bottles of water. It’s more than enough for a one-night stay.


The bed is a twin size.


In the evening, I did a bit of work here and then bought dinner from Burger King to enjoy in the room.


The sofa here was also very comfortable.


Looking from the back of the room towards the entrance, it looks like this.


The view outside. The sunset is beautiful.


Power outlets are compatible with various plug shapes. In China, you can directly plug in Japanese outlets without needing an adapter. Additionally, there are USB ports available, making it convenient for charging devices like smartphones.


Sky Garden and Shenzhen Airport

The Hyatt Regency features a Sky Garden. There were very few people, but it was very beautiful.


Here is the view of Shenzhen Airport after 9 PM.

This floor has a variety of restaurants including McDonald’s, Burger King, 7-Eleven, and others, so you won’t have trouble shopping or dining.

You can reach this floor from your hotel room in about 5 minutes.



In this article, I introduced the Hyatt Regency directly connected to Shenzhen Airport.

There isn’t much around the airport, but the interior of the airport has a variety of shops and is very comfortable to spend time in.

The hotel’s interior was also of high quality and the best among the hotels I’ve stayed at during business trips.

If you have an early morning flight the next day, I highly recommend staying here.

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